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As part of GYSC's effort to facilitate and enhance player development, GYSC players are permitted to be used as secondary players on teams within the club. EPYSA laws state that all primary team events must take precedence over secondary team events.These events include but are not limited to practices, league games, and tournament games.  Failure to adhere to precedence regulations will result in secondary player passes being revoked. The addition of a secondary player to a team's roster is good through the completion of the season for which it is applied. This allows a player to continue to play for their primary team while gaining more playing time and experience as a secondary player. GYSC allows secondary players to train with the secondary team as approved by both coaches, Technical Trainer, and Director of Training.


Secondary passes may be issued when a team needs players to supplement their roster. Primary players should be given priority in terms of playing time but at the coaches discretion. Different age groups, score of the game, injuries, and player dynamics all come into play under coaches discretion. Should playing time become an issue with parents or the players, the Director of Training will investigate the concern and communicate the findings with the coach involved.

Coaches must inform secondary players of their role on the team prior to receiving a commitment.


Once a player is listed as a Secondary Player they cannot be removed until the end of the season unless they are also removed from their primary team.  Players cannot miss their primary team's game in order to play as a Secondary Roster player for another team.


Prior to contacting the parent/legal guardian of the player to play secondary, the requesting coach must first get approval from the GYSC Technical Trainer. Upon Trainer approval, the requesting coach can then contact the primary coach for permission to approach the parent/legal guardian of the player he/she would like to secondary.


Guest Player

Any secondary player wishing to accompany his/her team to a tournament must do so as a “guest” player.

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