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GYSC Refund Policy

The success of our travel teams is dependent on the players who make up each team – and their commitment to the program. Accordingly, we expect that all players and parents will follow through with their commitment by completing all required paperwork, paying all fees promptly, and attending all league games and tournaments. Because withdrawals can result in the unraveling of a team, our refund policy regarding travel teams is stringent and non-negotiable. 

  • Player withdrawal once teams are rostered for the season will result in no refund. Player fees will not be transferred to the next season.

  • Partial Player refunds will be issued on a case by case basis if a season-ending injury occurs during the beginning of the playing season.

  • Full refunds will be awarded if selected to a team that ends up with an insufficient number of players.

Payment Policies – Payment policies will be strictly enforced. Families can check their balance through GotSoccer. All payments are non-refundable once teams are rostered because we have committed costs for each player: roster space, coaching time, and field rental/equipment. If families are late with their payment, then a $25 monthly late fee will be charged to their account, unless other arrangements are established.  Players must be paid in full by May 15 (U8-U12), June 1 (U13) & November 1st (U8-15) unless on a payment plan authorized by the Club.

Payment Processes – Players may pay online through Player’s balances can be accessed directly from their GotSoccer accounts.  Using GotSoccer is the fastest and easiest way to keep your family account updated and accurate. This will be the primary way of accepting payments. 

Unpaid Fees – Players with fees that are past due (+15 days) and have not established a payment plan or requested a scholarship by the due date will be placed in bad standing until their financial obligation has been resolved.  A player in bad standing will not be rostered, issued a player pass, or participate in practices and/or games.  We ask families to communicate directly with us promptly to work out any financial issues.  We do not want to be put in a position to not allow a player to play.

Accounts must be paid in full and paperwork complete by May 15 (U8-U12)June 1st (U13) to play the fall & November 1st (U8-15) to be eligible for the spring season.

We do NOT send out mailed statements. Your player’s account information can be accessed at

Players fees are payable per the following schedule:

Monthly Payments for those who select a payment plan are due:

Fall (June 1, July 1, August 1, September 1)

Spring(November 1, December 1, January 1, February 1)

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