GYSC will be following the following PROTOCOLS and we will need help from all parents to ensure we keep everyone safe and healthy! The health and safety of our athletes, staff, and volunteers remain our highest priority. Below, you will find a summary of actions we are taking to help ensure we are lowering COVID-19 risk as much as possible while also allowing our athletes to play. Our coaches will be ensuring these guidelines are followed, if you have any concerns they should be addressed to your coach or

GYSC is:

•Complying with Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Eastern Pennsylvania Youth Soccer and any additional club directives or requirements. Share information with your son or daughter.

•No signs of COVID-19 for the player the past 14 days and no known exposure before sending him or her to training. Sick players and coaches must stay at home and follow appropriate health guidelines.

•Players must wear a face mask during training.

All players, coaches, trainers, spectators, and referees will be required to wear facemasks. Players are required to wear masks during play per PA Health guidelines.

•Sanitize and wash all equipment and uniforms after training

•Pack hand sanitizer and a face mask in his or her bag.

•Spectators are not essential to training and not recommended to attend, however it may be necessary for younger players.

•Comply with social distancing and mask directives. Adhere to rules of the club regarding attending training session

•Direct your child to never share water, snacks or equipment.

•Notify club and coach should your child become ill.

•Do not assist the coach or coaches with equipment at the beginning or end of practice.

•If ball goes off the touch line or end line, allow players or the coach to retrieve the ball.

•Parents make the ultimate decision on their child's attendance participation 

•Only coaches may touch or move equipment. Players do not touch or move equipment. 

• All equipment will be sanitized after training. 

•Scrimmage vests are not recommended.

•Minimize interaction with other teams that train before or after you.

•Be positive, fun and engaging. 

 Anyone who is sick or has been in contact with someone who has COVID-19— including players, family members, coaches, staff and spectators — should not attend practices or games. Be on the lookout for symptoms of COVID-19, which include fever, cough, or shortness of breath.  You can also find more information about COVID-19 at

 The conditions during this pandemic have continually evolved and changed weekly, sometimes daily. We know additional information and new guidelines are forthcoming. They will change at any time, so we must be flexible. These guidelines will be updated as necessary.   This document does not replace the advice or direction of medical professionals. The risks of infection still exist. We must comply with the Governor’s office, PA Department of Health, CDC and any other federal or local regulations.

More information regarding youth sports & COVID can be found @: